Creative Consulting

I have been freelancing for more than a decade, and writing as a career for the past six years. In 2010 after returning from a months-long honeymoon road trip adventure, I knew I couldn’t go back to an office, retail, food services, or the web and graphics design I had been been muddling my way through in the years prior. I started with transcription but quickly set my sights on writing, a lifelong dream job. With no safety net, I became a successful freelance ghostwriter, and two years ago I broke into reporting and essay-writing, thanks in no small part to my growing network of amazing writers and editors helping me to learn new skills and create new connections.

If you are interested in learning how to pitch, breaking into new outlets, or just need someone to talk to while planning out your next steps in your freelance writing career, I’m here to chat! I’m also available as a sensitivity reader for stories involving nonbinary gender issues, mental illness, learning differences (especially ADHD), fatness, nonmonogamy, and queer sexuality.

Consulting costs work on a sliding scale, so get in touch if you need to talk about rates. At my full price, 50% of call proceeds are donated to Black and Indigenous women and nonbinary individuals, and organizations aimed at empowering BIW+OC in activist work.