A very musical Christmas

Key ingredient: harmony

You might groan when you hear your first Christmas carol playing over the mall sound system, but there is a reason these songs provoke such a reaction. Share the spirit of the season with those in need through the gift of a song!

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The Power of Online Feminist Spaces

The best feminist Facebook groups are secret. And the most notorious are the most difficult to maintain. But there is an incredible value in the emotional labour of moderating online feminist spaces, so long as there are enough of us to keep up the work. Read More

Yes, Rape Culture Exists, Even In Yoga Class

It’s 100 degrees and the sweat is pouring. Outside the hall, the sun is beating down on the high, thatched-palm roof. Though we are perched high on a cliff overlooking the ocean, the sea breeze doesn’t penetrate the screens keeping the mosquitoes at bay. Read More

Saluting the Sun, Honoring the Moon

“The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you.” – Vanna Bonta

If there is one thing about travel that really puts the ache in my bones, it’s being out of sync with the clock. Read More

Do Omnivores Eat Meat at Yoga School?

I like meat.

I like meat a lot. In my experience over the past few years I know that eating a moderate protein and high-fat diet from healthy and well-raised animal products is when I feel my best. Read More

Tantra Isn’t About Sex (except when it is)

I’ll admit it: I was first drawn to tantra because of the sexy. In fact, it took me several years to really put together the connection between what I knew as “yoga” and what I learned about as “tantra” in a new age world. Read More

Let the Spirit Move You: 3 tantric yoga meditations

– This article is not about sex. Okay, maybe just a little. –

Hot bodies, throaty breath, long pauses, deep flexing. Sounds sexy, right? Most people hear “tantra” and think “kinky,” but that’s not where I’m headed with this. Really. Read More