Do Omnivores Eat Meat at Yoga School?

I like meat.

I like meat a lot. In my experience over the past few years I know that eating a moderate protein and high-fat diet from healthy and well-raised animal products is when I feel my best. Read More

Tantra Isn’t About Sex (except when it is)

I’ll admit it: I was first drawn to tantra because of the sexy. In fact, it took me several years to really put together the connection between what I knew as “yoga” and what I learned about as “tantra” in a new age world. Read More

Let the Spirit Move You: 3 tantric yoga meditations

– This article is not about sex. Okay, maybe just a little. –

Hot bodies, throaty breath, long pauses, deep flexing. Sounds sexy, right? Most people hear “tantra” and think “kinky,” but that’s not where I’m headed with this. Really. Read More