Five Nutrients You Need to Know About

We are constantly bombarded with conflicting messages about how to eat right: What foods should we
embrace and which should we avoid? The advice can become overwhelming. How are we supposed to sort
through it all and understand, once and for all, what we should be eating?

The answer is closer at hand than you might think!

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Surprise! Avocados in Winter

What?! Avocados aren’t just a summer fruit?

That’s right!

There is no bad time of year to eat a creamy avocado. The delicious green fruit from Mexico is always in season, even in the dead of winter. And not only is it delicious to your tastebuds; it’s great for the rest of your body, too!

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Hacks to Make Your Holiday Season Stress-Free

The holiday season should be joyful, a time when we make beautiful memories with family and friends. But all too often, the holidays are characterized by panic and stress: Did you remember everyone on your shopping list? Did you buy all the ingredients you’ll need for the big holiday dinner?

Sound familiar? If so, take a deep breath and read on. These holiday hacks will help alleviate some of these stresses, making your holiday one to remember.

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A very musical Christmas

Key ingredient: harmony

You might groan when you hear your first Christmas carol playing over the mall sound system, but there is a reason these songs provoke such a reaction. Share the spirit of the season with those in need through the gift of a song!

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Guide to Surviving the Holiday Onslaught

Real talk: as much as we love the holidays, they can be a stressful time. With a horde of family members to feed, gifts to buy, and your own health to maintain, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Everyone knows the basics of holiday survival: Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, eat your veggies, and try not to stress. Easier said than done, right? Here are a few more tips to help keep you and your family happy and well-fed throughout the most wonderful time of the year.

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Gather ‘Round: Ideas and Tips for Avotastic Gatherings

Is your kids’ room so overflowing with toys and gadgets that you worry they have more things than they can possibly use . . . and nothing that encourages them to play with other people?

As parents, grandparents, and other adults involved in kids’ lives, we may yearn for “the good old days,” when kids could — and did — entertain themselves with simple pleasures. If that describes you, then it’s time to get creative! It’s possible to capture the interest of even the most digitally-connected kid with household items — like avocados! — that can be turned into fun-for-the-whole-family diversions.

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Everything You Need to Know about Cooking with Avocado Oil

When you reach for a bottle of oil to mix up a homemade vinaigrette, your first choice is probably olive oil. There’s a reason this oil is a go-to in nearly every kitchen: its flavor can range from mild to strong, making it a home cook’s flexible friend. But olive oil has its limitations. You may have heard you don’t want to use it for high-heat cooking. Olive oil alternatives like coconut oil and butter are just as likely to burn, and soy and canola oils, while great for frying, aren’t so tasty in a salad.

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Don’t Drop Avocados to Drop Pounds

You’re strolling down the aisles of your grocery store in search of foods to enjoy while following a  calorie controlled diet as a replacement for other fats. That’s when you see it: a pyramid of perfectly-stacked Avocados From Mexico. It’s tempting to pick one up and put it in your cart, or better yet, snag a whole bag of them, but you step away. You seem to remember a friend telling you that avocados are chock-full of calories and fat.

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