Zen & the Dark Side: meditating in darkness

Once, as a child, I remember waking up in a power outage. My room, bereft of the street light filtering in through the tiny basement window, was the darkest I had ever seen. I don’t know how long I fumbled around in the darkness after realizing the light wasn’t working, but the panic overtook so completely, so quickly, that I couldn’t find the door. Instead, collapsed into a heap on the floor, I wailed until my parents awoke and came with flashlights to rescue me.

The experience of prolonged darkness and returning to the light lies at the heart of many ancient and modern mystery schools. This is where spiritual warriors go to challenge their fear of death. And what, if anything, is a fear of death if not our very basest fear… the fear of the dark? What monsters are lurking, what creepies crawling in those shadows?

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