Yes, the military-industrial complex is a problem — but that’s not all we should talk about when discussing the unjust transgender ban

I am anti-war. I’m not a pacifist, exactly. I believe there is some power in nonviolent resistance, and I believe in both individual and group rights to self-defense against oppressive forces. I support the troops — I believe veterans deserve to be compensated and cared for. But I don’t believe that governments have the moral authority to decide — based on their own financial and political interests — whose death is justifiable.

Yesterday, when Trump tweeted that transgender people would now be banned from the military, I saw a lot of Twitter users make statements about supporting all the troops bravely defending their country. I also saw a lot of online cheering from people on the left, saying that Trump was doing trans folk a favor by kicking them out of the military — and that bothered me.

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Photo by Michael Vadon