Using a condom during sex doesn’t actually reduce male pleasure, study finds

Have you ever been put in the uncomfortable position of having a lover argue about the condom? Now you have even more research on your side to shut those excuses down. Guys, take note. Science is onto you.

Some bold claims are being made after a recent study on condom-related erectile dysfunction, specifically that men who complain about reduced sensation while wearing protection are, well, liars.

A closer look at the data provides a more complex view of the situation. Published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the seven co-authors of the article come to some interesting conclusions. The existence of condom-related erectile dysfunction wasn’t one of them.

What the study did conclude was that men who reported “Condom-Associated Erection Problems” (CAEP) were significantly more likely to also experience signs of erectile dysfunction when having sex without a condom, too.

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