The Headgasm that Puts You to Sleep

“This dragon was a gift,” the woman whispers, staring intently into the camera, rubbing the crinkly belly of a purple stuffed dragon toy, first into one side of the 3D microphone, then the other. “I’m thinking of calling it donuts.” She seems to be smiling, but her face is so close to the camera, it’s tough to tell.

Are you asleep yet?

The video by Heather Feather, a highly popular autonomous sensory meridian response () artist, has been viewed more than 85,000 times, and it is one of almost 250 videos Heather has posted for her 300,000+ subscribers. And that pales in comparison to the following of some ASMRtists, like GentleWhispering, who has over 500,000 subscribers, whose videos have been viewed millions of times.

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