Night Owl Meets Early Bird: How To Love When You Sleep Out Of Sync

Couples who work regular nine-to-five jobs have it hard enough trying to find time for each other. But for people working shifts, finding time for both rest and relationship can seem near impossible.

Finding a schedule that works for everyone in a family is important not just for getting in your ideal eight hours (or at least a bleary-eyed five or six). It’s also a crucial part of maintaining an intimate connection both inside and outside the bedroom, according to Board Certified Sex Therapist and Sex Educator Dr. Deb Laino. When you are well rested, you are able to bring your best to your work and your relationship. If you aren’t sleeping well, you’re going to be cranky and struggling to find time for intimacy. But even worse, if your sleeping arrangements are causing the problem, you might also grow to resent each other.

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