Halal slaughter in Quebec complicated by animal rights bill

Farmers and animal rights activists don’t often agree, but Bill 54, ‘An Act to improve the legal situation of animals in Quebec,’ might be changing that. The proposed legislation is now one step closer to becoming the province’s first successful attempt at legislating animal rights.

Since puppy mills and the mistreatment of pets are one of the main concerns of the new law, activists have speculated that it will do little to change the treatment of animals raised for food. The bill, however, is spearheaded by Quebec agricultural minister Pierre Paradis, who according to the CBC said he expected to hear from groups concerned with kosher and halal slaughtering techniques. He believed at the time that kosher ritual practices would not break the new law, but that some halal slaughters would. “Slow death is not acceptable under the new legislation,” the minister said. “That will have an impact on those who don’t find the equilibrium between religious beliefs and respect for animals.”

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