A ‘Day of the Dead’ Guide for Canadians

While Canadian Halloween traditions certainly don’t lack for macabre, we tend to focus on some combination of the sexy and the scary, living out our personal fantasies. Maybe it’s this reason that so many of us are drawn to traditions like Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Unlike modern Halloween, Dia de Muertos is primarily about venerating ancestors and welcoming the honoured dead to the party. The traditions are based on the rituals of the Mexica people, rulers of the Aztec Empire. Pre-colonization, rituals celebrating the ancestors were held throughout the month of August. Though we think of Dia de Muertos as an ancient celebration, with roots going back 3,00 years or more, the day itself wasn’t celebrated throughout Mexico until the 1960’s, when it became a national holiday.

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Photo by Tom Hilton