Brujas, I Won’t Tell You How to Make Your Magic

The rules and regulations of Wicca have always felt foreign to me, even as an eager sixteen-year-old babywitch devouring every new age book I could get my hands on and trying desperately to find a path I could call my own. Goddesses, nature, make love not war, dancing naked under the full moon, songs, drums, and magic circles. Okay. Sure. But that whole threefold law thing? Mehhhhh.

Wicca is a new religion, no matter from what angle you look at it. Modern pagans of all kinds may be inspired by ancient traditions or ancestral bloodlines, but a very few of us have any lineage to claim. This doesn’t invalidate our practice, but it does put things into perspective when we interact with witches who come from other traditions, whose guiding principles don’t always match our own.


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