4 Ways to Survive the Post-Retreat Blues

I’m sitting at a bus stop on the side of a busy city street, having stumbled from the mall into the sunlight, head in my hands. I’m hungry, stressed out, stiff and sore, but mostly I’m overwhelmed. I just want to crawl back to my couch and hide behind my computer.

When my husband and I left for our first adventure as a couple, a 16,000 kilometer (about 10,000 miles) road trip across Canada, the US and Mexico, I expected the culture shock. I didn’t truly understand what that meant until we arrived, but it wasn’t really a surprise. But the shock of coming back to my birthplace of southwestern Ontario, Canada becomes a bigger challenge each time I face it. And I know I’m not the only one who has struggled to bring the beauty and bliss of a spiritual retreat back into the real world.

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