Glambot: Service offers used makeup at discount, but is it a bargain?

“Don’t share” is one of the most oft-given pieces of beauty advice when it comes to makeup and makeup tools. But a new beauty website aimed at budget buyers is turning that idea on its head. Glambot, founded by a self-professed makeup hoarder, is aimed at those who have been left disappointed by existing online makeup trading communities.

Accepting items for sale and shipping them worldwide, the site seems like a great way to get rid of old makeup you might have lying around the house. Sending in your half-empty lipstick tubes and that eyeshadow palette that just didn’t work can earn you anywhere between US$15  (for the minimum of 20 name brand items) up to US$1000 (for the maximum of 100 of the best luxury brand items) plus an additional 30 per cent if you prefer store credit over hard cash.


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