Creating content with a conscience…

Journalist, ghostwriter, content marketer and author with a long list of passions that inspire my work – that’s me. Hi. I’m Bex vanKoot and this is what I do. I write. Articles, blog posts, ebooks, newsletters, web content, white papers, case studies, essays, short stories, novellas, I’m even trying my hand at a memoir these days. In every medium, what I really do is tell stories.


Salman Rushdie said, “We are the storytelling animal.”

You have stories to tell.

I’ve forever loved a good story. My best days are the ones where I get to uncover the hidden heart of a story, buried in the details, and bring it to light. No matter what the subject, from occult mysteries to boardroom procedures, there is always someone’s story waiting to be told.

Is it yours?

Some of my areas of experience include: science and technology, business and finance, travel and culture,  health and wellness, yoga and meditation, spirituality and magic, sex and relationships, gender and feminism, social justice and community organizing.

I’m available for both short and long-term assignments. Visit the Services page for more info on the writing that I do, check out some of my previously published work in my Portfolio and don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions. Get in touch!